Europa may Contain Deep Sea Volcanoes

Jupiters Moon Europa may Host Life

Jupiters Moon Europa may Host LifeJupiter’s moon Europa has been the focus of space scientists for decades. Europa has been of interest to science fiction writers with its potential to host alien life. Sci-fi book such as 2001 and 2010 have focused on Europa. Europa is also the second body in the solar system known to have oceans and many scientists feel that the oceans of Europa may host life.

The Jupiter moon Europa may be an even more promising abode for life than scientists had thought.

A recent study suggests that active volcanoes may lurk on the seabed of the 1,940-mile-wide (3,120 kilometres) Europa, which harbors a huge ocean of salty water beneath its icy shell.

Such volcanoes could power deep-sea hydrothermal systems, environments rich in chemical energy that potential Europa lifeforms could exploit, researchers said.

It seems Europa will continue to be the main focus in our solar system for many years to come.