IAU Symposium 367 to Stream for Free Online

IAUS 2020 Symposium

IAUS 2020 SymposiumThe IAUS367: Education and Heritage in the Era of Big Data Astronomy will be streaming much of their program for free on Youtube. The symposium focuses on the future of astronomical education in this new age of astronomical research. The symposium will be held between 8-12 December 2020.

The primary goal of this Symposium is to give perhaps for the first time a global vision of Education and Heritage in the frame of the goals of the IAU, taking into account the Plan 2020-2030 and to propose an eventual ‘next steps’ road map and a global astronomy education agenda for the next decade, while honoring the education from the past.

Topics include:

  • State-of-the-art of astronomy education in countries/continents in the framework of the 2020-2030 IAU plan.
  • Meta-analysis of astronomy education research on contents/school grade levels/focus on education cross studies.
  • Literacy in Astronomy.
  • Innovations in education methodologies and instrumentation.
  • Research into the value and influence of astronomy education in other disciplines.
  • Big Data in education and Open Astronomy.
  • Astronomy as an interdisciplinary approach to science education in all levels.
  • Inclusive education in Astronomy.
  • Use of Astronomy Education Research experiments and results by teachers and in  informal education activities (museum, planetarium, etc).
  • Cultural Astronomy and heritage and education: from Stonehenge to the Space telescopes.