Ariane 6 will Launch the First Portuguese Cubesat

Ariane 6 Rocket
Illustration in flight

The first 🇵🇹Portuguese cubesat, ISTSAT-1—developed by the students at 🇵🇹Instituto Superior Técnico—will monitor aircrafts in remote areas and is scheduled for launch aboard Ariane 6 in Q4 2023.

Arianespace SA, established in 1980, was the world’s first commercial launch service provider. It administers the Ariane program’s administration and promotion. The organization delivers a variety of launch vehicles, including the medium-lift Soyuz-2, the heavy-lift Ariane 5 for dual missions to GTO, and the solid-fueled Vega for lesser payloads. Arianespace had deployed more than 850 satellites in 287 missions over 41 years as of May 2021. The Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana serves as the primary launch pad for Arianespace.