Aviation Outlook and the COVID19 Pandemic

Due to the aviation industry, the world has become a smaller place and it has become possible for any entrepreneur in India or anywhere else in the world to conduct business with any other country and sell his/her products or services. Moreover, families and friends have become closer to each other with distances becoming meaningless and people across the world have been able to explore various fascinating locations to help create a true global community of humanity.

However, the arrival of SARS-CoV2- virus, which is the cause of the COVID19 Pandemic,

has altered the global landscape and the global economy forever in various ways. Aviation industry, which has been the major backbone of the global economy and global travel, has suffered immense amounts of damage due to the COVID19 pandemic. Especially due to global lockdowns and travel restrictions across the world (including Schengen travel restrictions and USA travel restrictions) have made air travel impossible since mid of March and thousands of planes throughout the world have been grounded with no clear date of operation in sight.

Read from the link below to see how the COVID19 Pandemic effected the Aviation Industry? How are the airlines effected due to Coronavirus? Will rules of aviation change due to COVID19 Pandemic and social distancing? When will international flights start across the globe? How will major airlines such as Lufthansa, Emirates and Turkish Airlines survive billions of dollars of losses? When will flights start in Europe and Asia?

Global Aviation Outlook and the Effects of the COVID19 Pandemic