History was made for Space Tourism and Commercial Spaceflight with Richard Bronson and his Spaceship 2 Flight

Today history was made when Richard Bronson with his Spaceship Two Unity 22 spaceship launched from New Mexico spaceport. Richard Bronson, who is the owner of the famous commercial space tourism company Virgin Galactic, flew to the edge of space (before low earth orbit begins) with his company officials to demonstrate the space flight capability of Space Ship Two. Technically it wasn’t a full-fledged LEO spaceflight, it was a wonderful demonstration of the possibility of commercial spaceflight so it actually made history by opening the path to real Space Tourism. The aim is to be able to have regular space flights to Low Earth Orbit for the purpose of space tourism, so that going to space will become a regular occurrence for humans.

Similar to the boom of the aviation industry during the 1930s, while initial flights to Space Tourism may be expensive, they will get cheaper as more flights and more competition will be ava┼člable for commercial spaceflight.

As Aerospacelectures.com we congratulate Sir Richard Bronson and the whole Virgin Galactic team for the first real space tourism commercial spaceflight demonstration.

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